The Eyes of the World Are Upon You

from by Thou

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Dwell in the Darkness of Thought and Drink the Poison of Life
Enter panoptic nightmare: Freedom ignored; hopes of privacy abandoned. Jeremy--your visions have been realized. Samuel--the world is now a prison. An omniscient presence permeates all. The cold gaze of our superiors spies on us from cyclopean eyes, eavesdropping from a universe away. All our movements are tracked and recorded. Blackest night no longer conceals. Emphasize normalization and observation producing only social fragmentation. Bureaucrats cling to their paperwork and technocrats cling to their data. Certificates authenticate life. Individuals defined in nine digits. Transparent society: This is not the answer. Secrets must be exchanged. Intimacy demands haven. But in the light of days nothing is sacred.


from Ceremonies of Humiliation, released May 1, 2014




Vitriol Records Los Angeles

Vitriol is a group of relative stains from the Southern California/Los Angeles area. This project was started as an attempt to maintain the highest level of autonomy, with friends and collaborators, in the most legit way we could. Bands include Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers, Fischer, Comadre, Griever, Birds In Row, etc. Write what you want to read, play what you want to hear. ... more

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