No Patience EP b​/​w A Thorough Analysis

by Buyer's Remorse

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Justin, Pat, Chris
Sam, Lucas


released February 1, 2016

recorded by Alex Jacobelli somewhere in San Diego sometime in the last decade




Vitriol Records Los Angeles

Write what you want to read, play what you want to hear.

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Track Name: No Patience
I’m a candle burning
I’m a candle burning at both ends
Sometimes I’m a mess of wax
Sometimes I’m barely even singed
At war with ourselves
At war with our ambition
At war with the useless vestiges of tradition
Track Name: Cold Bastard
In a desire to move on
the desire to push on I’ve seen the fissures
In a fistfight of synecdoche
the brain the heart will often beat
Am I a cold cold bastard?
Sometimes you simple can’t rely on those who barely keep themselves alive
All the things that you want to do
All the shit you put you through
I’ve seen the difference
In a fistfight of synecdoche
the brain the heart will often beat
Am I a cold cold bastard?
Track Name: Garbage Rain
Another body lies in state
Another president to hate
All this ire gets exhausting
A blockade ten miles thick
Another fraught election bid
All this extremity seems costly
All this time we thought we were pushing more than a rock
Straight up a sheer cliff face
But not enough sleep exists to cull a wayward Sisyphus
With a heart that has been broken
At some point we all realize
If we can look each other in the eyes
Our time together is fleeting
You can bathe in a swath of shit
Or doing the total opposite
The outcome is no different
Because time is a brutal beast
And rains down all the worst is deems
To destroy your direction
When the flagging purpose’s lost
Would you regain it at any cost?
Or recalibrate the compass?
Track Name: Disappointment Decade
Where’s the savior when you’re in crippling need?
You’ve been looking a long time, but what do you actually see?
Unsegmented carry through stilted misery
When everyday is exactly the same a downward slope of mediocrity
Smash your head through a plate glass window to have some kind of feeling
Disappoint decade starts everyday
Oblivion on perpetuity
Stare at the blank screen what do you see
Another flat surface indolent reflection of inactivity
Shrug your shoulders hard
The extent of your ability
You almost had it all, lost in lethargy
Track Name: Gun Song
Its not that I’m in total opposition
Unless it’s cruel, it doesn't qualify these restrictions
Does it facilitate peoples’ liberation?
I’m not arguing over two simple clauses from 1791
I’m talking about two brothers on a street in Oakland, 1971
Following cops on neighborhood watch
In itself it’s not a means to an end
But a lot of times we have more problems than we had when we began
I ain’t a shock troop of paranoia in Orange County, CA
But I’d love you forever
If the first thing that you asked them
Was for a warrant
Track Name: Downtown Tragedy ((Young) Pioneers)
they got to arguin' about a little dime bag - yeah
they wasn't watchin at all how their dog got there
in a rainy rush hour moment a chance at life was crushed
he was standing out in traffic, he said won't you help me please

these are cocaine times
when the lumpen die
this is the bitter fruit
it was a downtown tragedy

they stopped an ambulance but they couldn't do nothin - no
he scooped up the small form, blood was on his clothes
to drift that haunted landscape was more than she could take
she gazed off towards the highway never to return again

that we all breathe the same oppression, i was confirmed in my belief
vicious attacks on the victims have never caught true thieves

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