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Track Name: Construction
the truth of the matter is anything is possible had you not seen it all from birth and bled it of its strangeness it would appear for what it is a fetishized novelty a fevered dream having neither analogue nor precedent it’s not constrained by any latitude the order in the air you see is only what you put there like a string in a maze so you don’t lose your way and although I want it to reason can’t always be that eagle clutching a paralytic snake
Track Name: Concrete
now just an ideal unmitigated by the reality of a living person there’s so much to be said for commitment she worked the years into a solid brick of meaning forged
with the mortar of doubt and human imperfection she wouldn’t wait for the “right” conditions but decided to facilitate them we can’t wait for the “right” conditions but rather must create them and everyday that picture stares down at me from the wall and says I may not have always been right but there’s so much to be said for commitment
Track Name: Extreme Duress
In our unpaid debt to the future liability grows in exponent or will I just look back to suture gaping wounds of impropriety as grasping lungs grow older do they lose the boiling blood for the street fight the late night where every breath that is drawn is drawn to keep on breathing or is the song of peace a tune I only half understand first world first hand and as a limited experience the next generation can with a clear conscience say we’ve learned this backward we’ve had enough but the question still comes up in that split second when things get rough
Track Name: Biota
of wasted efforts that counter process rethink what “safe” means because I don't believe it for a moment the cost is profound the cost is rotten no potential for coexistence for a new structure with given current guidelines of belief that constrain us dictate separation where all species' links get swept away unrecognized and greater impacts question our efforts in light of facts that disagree.
Track Name: Reduction
since the tide of yore and long gone before from the crowded nursery to troughs and cresting waves in a sea of shit our potentes carry us along until we don’t even know if it’s the carrot or stick we’re being beaten with can you quantify your use or qualify your subsistence the bottom demands action in the oil spread over troubled waters in the jobless city in the depressed polity frustration is the thesis browbeat back by force the bruised and battered corpse of the every (wo)man
Track Name: Asphalt
every kid I ever was would cringe at the predicament and every man I’ve ever been would laugh at the experience because I know that risk and desire go hand in hand
sometimes the cost of autonomy is suffering when I looked down at bare feet and see only asphalt beneath that gravel ridden voice echoed booming in my ears “we’re all flesh and bone in a vessel so exposed” to recognize and appreciate that crash into uncertainty
Track Name: Unending Ache
As time went by slowly by the businesses sprang up and preyed upon the postwar surplus crumpled in our gloves oh what a glorious experience an ineffable gift your eyes and ears constantly barraged and smeared shut with shit we are happy to fuel a culture industry in need of new product when a flash in the pan misses the synapse of appeal way up in the ether of simulation and the real until my overloaded ears close shut and my heat dissipates just enough I’ll have the same unending ache of dissent and disgust
Track Name: Incomplete Works
If it’s not waiting then it is certainly this that sits with a crown atop an ever lengthening list of things I can’t stand it’s the deficit of time we never know how much we’ve got left so I’m going to take this life and beat it to death if you count yourself with the bored and barely living then do so the deepest water in the cistern of self-deception wells up the fear of communicating exactly what you mean while some people leave for “heaven” with no warning and they’re filling body bags on every corner on every street this consumes me
Track Name: Traverse
Having no idea that their friend was dead the three of them went hard as they could
into the desert before fire rained down on their heads what could they have done to deserve this treatment for every debt and deal we make under false pretense it’s an account receivable in someone else’s blood we’re all familiar that the aim of power is to retain power in the process those on ground level become the ochre mortar bonding detritus together twenty four months later eight thousand miles away endless chances lost what can be said but forced apologies
Track Name: Substructure
in the codex of memory the foundation the basement floor the contraband we carry
around in our heads the empirical raw material and after all I’m a surveyor’s son
trying to make sense of the same warped projections reality redacted to our needs
a human artifice on physical space and after all I’m a woman’s son trying to stay right in a world made for sons a privileged recognition to lift my feet from the dregs of all that’s passed there’s never a second chance to do what should be done
Track Name: Eight
our bodies talk and we listen of inopportune and forced decisions they’d disinfect and in darkness scrub clean but it’s all over the air and under sheets you say the very fiber of my emotion is suspect and I say the very basis of your fundamentalism is neglect of anyone who disagrees or follows a path distinctively while you indulge the limbs of dismembered poets with no cultural or temporal context and where the ruts in your mind wreathed in glowing light are accepted and where our progeny live on to see the long unset sun of injustice dignity is not yours for the taking

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