by Ghostlimb

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(free) 02:46


Split Release by Vitriol Records and Melotov Records


released July 10, 2012

Justin, Neal, Alex
Recorded by Jack
Art by Adam




Vitriol Records Los Angeles

Write what you want to read, play what you want to hear.

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Track Name: Confluence
to new beginnings
to continuation
to the toasts that push through the ceiling
and lofty dreams of cohesion
after everything that you wanted to read is written
and after everything you wanted to hear has been heard
to the length of all ability and the limit of exhaustion
push on
there’s no postscript to attest until it’s posthumous
to endure is an active form of becoming
Track Name: Margins
you can scream at the dramatic irony
of tax cuts as larceny
or wring our hands in shame
that our republicanism ain’t the same
as Nanterre and Catalunya
but that individualist creed doesn’t seem to predicate
access to resources and an equity centered game
unless you’re a captain of industry
or their babbling unproductive progeny
or an actor turned politician or a modern day patrician
you must acknowledge
that those people you applaud
being beaten by the police
cleared from the streets by gubernatorial decree
might just represent your interests
it’s like a dispassionate aside
and like a kidney jab at pride
to conclude all is well here
Track Name: Sunlight
it’s not something I would recommend
but it is one way to live
the ascetic answer of passive removal isn’t an answer at all you’re no Antony or Benedict crying in a cave
the denial of connection is disingenuous
because being born is painful
and you may wade through the streams of others’ delusions the languid seed of self-exile never yielded solutions
Track Name: Canidae
the confusion the came in the fall of ’87
you warned me before my ears ever heard the shake
and sixteen years on I found you placid peaceful and floating alone in that water without so much as a swell or a wake the psychosis we nurture in some inner sancta
that suffering is ours and ours alone
a callous dangerous and inert indifference
if the chosen topic of discussion is agony
and the semblance of altruism we wish to maintain
the intention is to reject that rule
and in every way lessen
avoidable meaningless pain
Track Name: Infrastructure
we wait for concrete rubble to crumble underfoot
or asphalt that has done its time
in spite of knowledge of cleaner lines
a dying relic
woven through frustrated cities
and people who are forced to bide their time
in pursuits outside
the reasons that surpass themselves
to understand a history of priority t
hat weighs upon the minds of the able and willing
the aware and dissatisfied young and old alike
I cannot be reduced to an apathete
Track Name: Bearing Witness
grinded down night and day
a railroaded practice to serve the greater public
to provide another body in the casket of consciousness
an acceptance of a failed jurisprudence
and the off chance we deliver the civic duty to bear witness to our collective mistakes
where every footstep was laid
with pride and persistence
and that whimsical notion of dedication
I never knew
I never heard of anything so cruel
I never read in history
of anything so cruel
Track Name: Ardor
it is a question of physiology
and the combination of man’s most valuable trait
a judicious sense of what not to believe
but I read real hard with no answer to find
and all satire aside it nagged at me
if an unexamined life is not worth living
then I’ve forged my weight in gold with grief
how else could one explain the dissipation of a mortal coil unleashed
than the breath of sweat that finite warmth
that I’ve seen at work from the head to the feet
but I couldn’t give a fuck what they want me to believe
and when we're brought to the brink
and we let go of that need
it is nothing but heat
Track Name: Control
our surroundings do not beseech us for our control
for what we do not know
the grains of sand that erode away
from our shrinking beaches
from senescent chaparral
to the sinking cities on an alluvial plain
our meandering rivers have never been so straight
the effectiveness can only be bought for so long
by the citizens whose disillusionment
is crowded by the weight of the blame
on the hazardous state's inability to control
the uncontrollable
while people sit singing silent songs
as they wash away into the granite gray
Track Name: Exchange
sincerity is a hard hand to play
cutting down all our old friends
awash in sarcasm and alcohol
with the banalities of pubescence
where such arrogance is no luxury of the defeated
and the notions leech circumscribed by boys’ speech
and all empathy is unseated
when your knees get weak
and your conscience falls fast asleep
do you water the native grass
like the internalized weeds
but the debate rages
if we’re detracted or augmented
if our skins grow thick in cruelty or improvement
I am sure some would stop us right there
under the auspice of containment
and I am certain that some might find it scathing
but wit sarcasm and criticism
form the basis of further conversation
Track Name: Infinite Locality
whether the last refuge of scoundrels
or the victuals of skinny failures and potbellied successes
the colored cloth is first used to shrink-wrap the mind
then as a ceremonial shroud
everything in frame sanitized
articulated as such for the ease of relation
to limit oneself first and foremost
at the most critical confluence: of diversity and experience the scene the setting the origins obsolete
the most sincere effort to not learn anything
we’ve cast the net of culture wide and deep
and coated the world authoritatively
but how much is the journey worth
when more often than not
every city is painted like your own shitty block
Track Name: Conquerors of the Useless
I thought that disgust running through my veins
would subside all that rancor piss and vinegar
through the unqualified litmus test of time
but every man standing next to me
I see only fraud and impunity
sated and blessed with a fire quenched before it was set
the swollen misfortune and infamed
breathing heavily with regret and shame
so would I as a thousand-fold Parmenion
looking for a means to cope
in this culpable malaise
we should have cast that Grecian thing into the sea
while we had a chance

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